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Community Partners

555 Bay St. N.
Hamilton, Ontario L8L 1H1
P: (905) 522-1151

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce provides opportunity for those people who create local jobs and drive the local economy, to work with government and the public to build an even better community.

601 Burlington St E, Unit A
Hamilton, Ontario L8L 4J5
P: 905 544-3996

City Kidz

What we do

Within each of our core impact programs and projects, we work hard to:

  • Inspire children to dream big, and to rise above their circumstances
  • Instill faith based values and teach children to do the right thing
  • Provide new experiences and environments that inspire kids to unlimited possibilities
  • Provide positive role models that build relationships with every child
  • Build hope by celebrating the special days in a child’s life such as Christmas and birthdays
  • Remove barriers by providing door to door transportation to all activities
  • Empower youth to be role models and provide opportunities to lead