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Dr. Jerry Focuses on Prevention

“Probably the best health practitioner I have had the pleasure of meeting. Dr. Jerry focuses on prevention. He knows how everything in your body interacts and stresses lifestyle changes to prevent re-injury and to improve your quality of life. Excellent!”
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Dr. Jerry Helps Prepare Patient for 10k Race

“I started seeing Dr. Jerry (and team) in September of 2011 when my wife dragged me along with her to one of her appointments after a sledge hockey injury landed me in significant discomfort. To be totally honest I have been going for traditional chiropractic treatments for

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over 15 years and was a bit skeptical of Dr. Jerrys treatment methods. He quickly put my mind at ease and I was back on the ice with a week of my first treatment. What sets PFC apart from others for me is the fact that they are not satisfied with simply treating injuries, they work with clients to prevent re injury through information fitness and nutrition.

In March 2012, began training to wheel a 10K race in November and I approached Dr Jerry to get his thoughts on how to prepare for the event and together we put together a program. About a month prior to the event I pushed myself too hard and really hurt myself to the point that I thought completing the 10K was in question but with treatments from Dr. Jerry and some rest and relaxation I was back on track in a couple weeks. The training program I implemented with the help of the PFC team knocked over 15min off of my time from March when I started training to the event in November!

Thank you Dr Jerry and PFC team”

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Andrew Moore
Satisfied Patient